Deb Mukherjee

Founder- Director


Ceres Hospitality is the brainchild of this successful virtual restaurant chain venture. It’s under his dynamic leadership coupled with creative impulse, a comprehensive and a cohesive team functions. His perspicacity offered expertise that played an instrumental role in positioning Ceres Hospitality as one of the illustrious name in the hospitality industry. A competent engineer from the highly famed University of Birmingham, UK, Deb pursued his promising career in Investment banking taking up competitive job positions at JP Morgan and finally quits as an executive director to follow his dream of building a progressive and tech enabled food service company.

A holistic approach and his balanced leadership adorned with a world class business acumen has made Ceres Hospitality a first choice for its customers. Deb’s superior business abilities, farsightedness about consumer behaviour, financial and marketing acumen skills, understanding of operational metrics, business strategy development and application has helped Ceres Hospitality emerge as a strong brand which is a marketing classic.

Deb is currently very enthusiastic and dedicated in catapulting his efforts to expand Ceres Hospitality’s footprint in metros. He is passionate about cooking and experimenting with different cuisine. When not honing his skills for Ceres Hospitality, you could find him deciphering various financial aspects of a business and advising people about myriad business metrics.